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Yamla Jat Lyrics Raxstar: Latest Punjabi Song Yamla Jat by Raxstar and Pav Dharia. Music by Shayal.

Yamla Jat Song Lyrics Raxstar and Pav Dharia

Song: Yamla Jat
Artist: Raxstar and Pav Dharia
Music: Shayal

Yamla Jat Lyrics by Raxstar and Pav Dharia

Mai ki pyaar wich khatteya
Apnay aap da kayal nahiyo rakheya
Duniya shad ke tere pichay lagg geyan
Sare kende hun tu fass geya,

Koyi banda nahiyo jeanda jeda darda nayi
Pyar jeda labda nayi
Je paise nal rajda nayi, ohde ‘ch rab vasda nayi.

Maafiyan je koyi glal keeti maadi
Sari zindagi hundi maut di teyari
Fir vi pyari jive bacheyan da haasa
Kive hasaan puchde ne jina ne dhoka khaada.

Lokki ta chor aa ajjkal dhoka hi karde nay
Jo disda oh nayi kush hor aa
Paisa shohrat te marde nay.

People send me messages get mad ‘cause I don’t write them back,
I try to justify it like I’m busy aint got time for that,
But they take it personal like it’s something inside they lack,
I guess we all just want the people that we like to like us back,

Role model? Who looks up to me?
Turning up at shows saying it’s me who you’ve come to see
I don’t get it, I’m baffled,
I just want to lock myself inside and not be hassled,
It’s like I won a raffle without knowing what the prizes are,
Winning means you bare your soul, there’s no place to hide a scar,
So f**k your insecurities,
You can’t say you wouldn’t feel the same thing if you were me.

Loki taan chor aa ajkal dhokha hi kardey ne,
Disda oh nai kujh hor aa, paisa shohrat te mardey ne.

Nah! If you were me you’d probably love it,
You wouldn’t feel the pressure from the public,
To be everything they wanted,
At the same time criticize til you’re sick to your stomach,
I know I’m not the only one,
The road I’m going down is quite a lonely one,
I had a dream so ain’t nobody sold me one
Ain’t nobody forced me like obi wan,

Roti kha di koi pukh di nahin peerh
Rab te parosa mein rakheya mere veer
Gussa hunda ego di jeet
Main headphone laa ke sunna yamla de geet like

Pyar wicho banda hun ki khatte
Seyane kende yamla de gaane hunde sache.

Loki ta chor aa ajjkal dhoka hi kar de ne
Jo dis da oh nahin kuch hor aa, paisa shaurat te marh de ne.

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